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Table Bookings by the 26th of May get an added bit of Sparkle.!!

Table Bookings by the 26th of May will have an added bit of Sparkle.!!

Tables booking by the 26th of May will have an added bit of Sparkle.

Table Bookings by The 26th of May will have a touch of Sparkle added to it.!!


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Congratulations to those shortlisted!

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Winners 2017

Congratulations to all our amazing winners from the 2017 National Fundraising Awards, which we held at the Brewery on 3rd July.

We were privileged to be able to recognise the achievements of some incredibly talented individuals for their innovative and life-affirming work. 

Take a look at the official photography from the Awards ceremony!

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Lifetime Contribution Award

For an individual who, over a sustained period of time, has shaped the fundraising community and environment through their actions, leadership or intellect.

Lyndall Stein

Lyndall Stein

Photographer: Laurie Sparham 

Watch Lyndall's testimonial video which was shown at the Awards ceremony

Lyndall has been a star in the sector for more than three decades both in the UK and with an impact internationally. She has never been shy to express her point of view to make a difference on an issue she cares passionately for. And she is very passionate about her causes.

A leading authority on campaigning, income generation and communications, she has worked for a wide range of organisations, including Care International, Bond, Concern UK, ActionAid International, the Terrence Higgins Trust, the Big Issue Foundation, the African National Congress, and in the 80's she chaired Votes for Freedom, the initiative that raised several million for South Africa's first democratic election.

Lyndall is a trustee of Reprieve and chair of the Sheila Mckechnie Foundation and is also founding editor of Positive Lives, a photographic project showing the global human response to HIV/AIDS, an exhibition seen by over two million people worldwide.

It was a kiss as a young child with her best friend in Soweto, South Africa that was published on the front page of her father, Sylvester Stein’s renowned cultural magazine “Drum” that meant her family had to flee apartheid South Africa. Lyndall is white. Her best friend was black. Her family, thereafter, were political exiles and refugees. Thus, began her lifelong commitment to the causes of the underdog.

In Lyndall’s own words, “the most important thing I have learned is that it is a privilege to be a fundraiser. When you are working on the toughest issues in the hardest times, you know that your blood, sweat and tears will be turned to gold, that your work will be meaningful, relevant and will matter, that you will be able to look back and say, along with Edith Piaf, ‘non, je ne regrette rien.’ Of course there are other benefits... like getting kissed by George Michael and Nelson Mandela!”

What the judges said...

"This was an overwhelmingly unanimous decision by the judges. Lyndall is a stand-out winner of the Lifetime Contribution Award and deserves several lifetime awards. She was and remains instrumental in some of the biggest fundraising campaigns in the world and the impact of her work is lasting and tangible."


The Gill Astarita Fundraiser of the Year

For a professional fundraiser who, in the view of their peers, has shown consistent excellence and best practice in achieving high quality fundraising through either their own efforts or their vision and strategy. 

Category sponsored by OMG OMG

Leah Mates, British Heart Foundation

Leah Mates


Watch Leah's testimonial video which was shown at the Awards ceremony

'Driven', 'focussed', 'a catalyst for change', 'a growth mind set' are just four comments that have been used within British Heart Foundation in association with Leah. She has had an extraordinary impact within fundraising, not just through what she has delivered, but “how” she has delivered. 

Leah led MyMarathon and DECHOX: campaigns that have set a benchmark within mass participation events for their creativity and the digital and supporter experience. They have drawn admiration beyond the doors of Greater London House, and in fact, beyond these shores. 

She fought hard to convince stakeholders that a protruding chocolate finger would resonate with and not offend the target audience. A hard ask in an organisation where the typical supporter tends to be older and more conservative. The result, aside from over £900k raised at a remittance rate of 45% in 2016, and the “Give Chocolate the Finger” advert remains the most successful creative in the 2017 campaign. 

On top of this, Leah has shown her adaptability and ability to rise to a challenge by leading a root and branch review of BHF's Fundraising strategy, with dedication, verve and rigour.

Leah is a fundraiser for tomorrow and she is going to be a seriously impressive Fundraising Director in the not too distant future! 

What the judges said....

"Leah is a fantastic winner; innovative and driven and clearly had to overcome barriers to get products out. Leah sets standards to which others can aspire." 


Best Business-Charity Partnership

For the best relationship between a charity and a business that provides mutual benefit to both parties. 

Autistica and Deutsche Bank

Autistica and Deutsche Bank

Charity of the Year Partnership

Autistica is one Deutsche Bank’s two Charities of the Year for 2016-18. In 2016, the partnership between Autistica and Deutsche Bank raised a record £1.1 million plus for Autistica. 

Employee engagement is at an all-time high as a result of a programme of autism events to educate, inform and engage employees. Autistica collaborated with Deutsche Bank’s disability networks to recruit champions and motivate colleagues to fundraise and volunteer. Employees were offered the chance to get involved in and take on a range of skilled volunteer and advisory roles. Together they created two ground-breaking projects: developing a smartphone app prototype to support autistic people with anxiety and creating a research-backed internship scheme for autistic graduates to help them into work. 

Through this partnership, Deutsche Bank is at the forefront of autism-friendly employment and Autistica has been transformed from a small charity to the leading independent funder of autism research in Europe. 

What the judges said... 

"The scale of ambition is brilliant! The ability to move the cause forward on many fronts simultaneously, utilising existing skills and contacts, was recognised by all the judges." 

Best Individual Giving Campaign

For the campaign that demonstrates the best use of an individual giving campaign.

Category sponsored by The Production Hub  



Crisis at Christmas

Crisis at Christmas is a hugely successful integrated marketing campaign raising vital funds and awareness for homeless people across the UK. Crisis at Christmas raises money to open Crisis at Christmas centres, welcoming over 4,200 homeless guests, and providing services all year round to help people out of homelessness for good.  Every year the campaign is refined through better targeted media and print buying, or analysis of the best postcodes for doordrops. Innovative new ideas are regularly introduced, such as dynamic bidding on display advertising or growing the use of terrestrial TV. Supporters are asked to fund one (or more) places to provide hot meals, a bed for the night, health checks from a doctor, plus an introduction to Crisis’ year round services. In 2016, one place at a Christmas centre cost £22.32.

Crisis at Christmas 2016 smashed income targets, raising £13.1 million, making it the most successful appeal to date. Return on investment for warm activity was well above target. The lead creative for warm supporters has been rolled out for cold, producing record-breaking results.

The success of this campaign has enabled Crisis to drive forward with ambitious plans to end homelessness for good.

What the judges said...

"This campaign had a really strong, well thought out strategy with clever innovation. The results were clear. It’s amazing to be profitable at recruitment, using TV to recruit 13,815 new donors at an average gift of £37."

Best Use of Digital

For the campaign that demonstrates the best use of digital in a fundraising campaign. 

Category sponsored by Blackbaud 

Alzheimer's Research UK

Alzheimer's Research UK

Running Down Dementia

Running Down Dementia saw the partnership between Alzheimer’s Research UK and parkrun UK flourish via a cutting-edge digital campaign. The simple challenge of running or walking 100km and raising £100 inspired a multitude of supporters with a huge variation in running experience. Taking place over five months, the campaign combined the individual running challenge with an achievable target, building a sense of community around dementia and parkrun. Utilising parkrun’s communication channels, ARUK’s existing database and social media, the campaign exceeded initial expectations and paved the way for further investment in the coming years. 

Not only did the campaign achieve its initial objective, but many participants have taken on other fundraising activities, set up groups and taken part in challenges with others met through Running Down Dementia. Richard, a Running Down Dementia participant, said: ‘It has been fantastic to be involved with such a community and now run with the people I have met through Running Down Dementia.’

What the judges said...

"This shows a real understanding of an existing community and strong partnership. This is a brilliant example of how a small charity can build a sustainable campaign with a high return on investment."

Best Use of Events

For the campaign that demonstrates the best use of event fundraising. 

 Category sponsored by Nutickets 

Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice 

Bluebell Wood

Soapbox Derby 2016 

Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice Soap Box Derby was one of the most successful community events the children’s hospice has ever organised, delivering impressive results in terms of impact, engagement and fundraising. They invited 30 teams to create and bring their own karts to race over ramps, jumps and bumps on a 500 metre course at Clifton Park in Rotherham.

The objectives of the event were to engage with the Rotherham community, build awareness of Bluebell Wood’s work and raise at least £3,000 for the charity: to help children with life-threatening and life-shortening conditions.

Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice smashed the financial and non-financial targets, raising £17,000 and attracting 3,500 spectators to the event on the day.  The Facebook event reached nearly a quarter of a million people through purely organic engagement. 

What the judges said... 

"Highly innovative and creative.  They devised new and innovative ways of engaging a wide, diverse mix of potential supporters, using a good mix of media, community fundraising, PR and digital platforms. All this was achieved on a limited budget and has potential to be replicated year on year."

Best Legacy or In-Memoriam Campaign

For the campaign that demonstrates innovation linked to success in the use of legacy or in-memoriam fundraising.

Category sponsored by Remember A Charity 


Barnardo's and QualitySolicitors

The Barnardo’s Will Scheme 

The Barnardo’s Will Scheme is a powerful collaboration between an innovative Children’s Charity and a customer service driven network of law firms.  Participants have the opportunity to ‘leave a vulnerable child someone to turn to’, by including a legacy in their Wills to Barnardo’s, alongside loved ones, at no cost to them, via a local solicitor.  The year 2016 was the scheme’s most successful year and saw income, since its inception in 2010,  surpass spend, as well as reaching the conservative benchmark of raising in excess of £14 million in future legacy income. 

We are continually inspired by the commitment of the Barnardo’s team and we are extremely proud of our partnership” - David Pope, Marketing Director, Quality Solicitors.  

The Barnardo’s Will Scheme is essential to help safeguard future financial stability and enable our commitment to support the most vulnerable children in the UK- Sam Monaghan, Barnardo’s UK Executive of Children’s Services.

What the judges said... 

"This has the potential to be a game-changer for the sector, and not just for the large charities.  Responding to the new generation with online will-writing could see an increase in legacy income for many charities. It’s encouraging to see so much collaboration from large charities on such a difficult topic."    


Most Innovative Fundraising Campaign

For the campaign that demonstrates significant innovation in fundraising.

Category sponsored by SOFII 

War Child

War Child


War Child Armistice is an innovative fundraising campaign encouraging pacifist gameplay within video games through bespoke content, DLC (downloadable content), 'Pacifist Runs' and game sales revenue donations. The goal was to raise awareness and money to support children living with the brutality of war.  The campaign took place in November and December 2016 and was supported by games including Verdun, World of Tanks, Democracy 3, and 1979 Revolution: Black Friday. 

World War 1 battle simulator Verdun recreated the historical Christmas truce of 1914. Players could donate to swap their rifles for snowballs, abandon the trenches to play a football match and send Christmas cards to their loved ones.  This was all possible because War Child has strong relationships with gaming industry leaders and has invested in a team of team of ex game-industry people.

Armistice raised $130,000 and is now a key part of the strategy for 2017. 

What the judges said... 

"A powerful intervention for game-players, introducing an element of peace to otherwise violent games and providing a platform for learning experiences.  This has massive scope to explore more opportunities with new audiences. We look forward to seeing how this is scaled up and learnings shared with the sector."


Best Use of Insight

For the best campaign or strategy where data and insight have delivered a significant impact and driven success.

Category sponsored by Fastmap 

CLIC Sargent

CLIC Sargent

Christmas Appeal 2016

Using machine learning techniques, CLIC Sargent can extract value from data where it wasn't immediately apparent before, producing targeted campaigns based on propensity and increase net income fromonce considered deeply lapsed or unsuitable targets.

Moreover, the model was built utilising free open source softwaremeaning this technique can be replicated across the sector. As a medium sized charity, we're incredibly proud of the initiative taken to keep up with innovative technologies, especially those so leading edge.


Fundraising Charity of the Year (Large)

For any charity that, through the use of teamwork, has achieved considerable and recognisable fundraising success.

Category sponsored by Be Inspired Films 



In 5 years, Crisis’ fundraising team has increased income from £16.5m to £31.3m, increased supporters by 276,157 people, and shown significant growth across multiple income streams.

Responding to public perceptions of fundraising, they developed the ‘supporter in the room’ concept. This means that in every interaction, fundraisers imagine that a Crisis supporter is in the room and would be 100% happy with what they do and say.  The team celebrates a ‘fundraiser of the month’, open to anyone in the organisation who has helped fundraising.  They also celebrate a ‘supporter of the month,’ to keep supporters front of mind. They are working with the volunteering and campaigning teams to gain a 360 view of supporters and understand all they do for Crisis and how to devise ‘moments of joy’ for them. 

Crisis fundraisers are passionate about ending homelessness, they volunteer at Christmas, in services and proactively involve Crisis clients in their work. 

What the judges said... 

"We love the ‘Supporter in the room’ ethos and the value of the team by celebrating ‘Fundraiser of the month’. They have a hugely exciting approach to fundraising that is delivering great results. Even when homelessness was not a high profile issue, Crisis had strong sustained income growth." 


Fundraising Charity of the Year (Small)

For any charity that, through the use of teamwork, has achieved considerable and recognisable fundraising success.

Category sponsored by Syrenis  



Autistica’s new fundraising strategy focuses on leveraging a new corporate partnership with Deutsche Bank, to generate income and other relationships and seeking partnerships in sectors with an affinity for autism. Alongside this,  they also wanted to create visionary research proposals and high quality stewardship plans, while innovating across income streams, and to demonstrate relevance to beneficiaries through campaigning, policy and information.

The strategy lead to a year on year income increase of 550%, with particular successes in major donor and corporate giving, with the development of new products such as internships for autistic graduates to engage with the corporate sector, as well as in campaigning and individual fundraising.

Autistica learnt that their partnership with Deutsche Bank had to be used to access other companies and that corporate products needed to help companies do better business and champion their staff’s skills. Their products that bring technologists skills into solving their research problems did just that. 

What the judges said... 

"Autistica have a strong strategic link between cause and fundraising. It’s a wonderful demonstration of what a small charity can achieve - the partnership with Deutsche Bank was the highest amount raised by the smallest charity partner ever!" 


Most Committed Company to the Sector

For a company that works alongside the sector and has demonstrated a true commitment to improving the fundraising capacities of the charities that it supports. 



Sixteen years ago, a friend called another friend and changed the face of giving. Since that first conversation between Anne-Marie Huby (then at Medicine San Frontier) and Zarine Kharas (now Dame), they have continued to lead a revolution that has allowed 25,000 causes find $4billion in funding online. From those early beginnings, JustGiving has revolutionised the way charities fundraise, and is constantly evolving through investment in technology, people, and ideas to make sure that no good cause goes unfunded. 

JustGiving remain committed to the belief that every charity deserves the ability to use the most up-to-date tech to raise as much as possible, and that all advancements in knowledge and expertise should be shared throughout the charity sector, to help all charities reach more people, raise more money and change more lives. 

What the judges said... 

"Justgiving have a long-term commitment and have transformed fundraising. They support all charities regardless of their size.  Constant innovation and adaption to the climate keeps them leading the way."


Best Fundraising Newcomer

For any professional fundraiser who, in the last two years, has shown aptitude, ability and success beyond their experience. 

Emma Smith, Cats Protection

Emma Smith

Emma joined the Cats Protection direct marketing team as a fresh-faced university graduate two years ago. She had zero experience in fundraising, but hit the ground running from day one, challenging existing ways of working and bringing new and innovative ideas to the table. From revitalising tired creatives through content marketing strategies, to bringing the Cats Protection direct mail activity into the 21st century with digital integration, Emma is always looking at how to  improve campaign performance and enhance the supporters’ experience along the way.

In just two years, Emma has contributed to increasing raffle income by over 40%, launching a new DRTV campaign which almost doubled predicted return on investment in its first outing, and increasing digital income from the Christmas Appeals eightfold. She has also been instrumental in strengthening relationships as she seamlessly collaborates with agencies, internal departments and volunteers from Cats Protection’s 250 branches. Not bad for two years’ work! 

What the judges said...

"Emma has raised substantial income over just two years and there is strong evidence of wider impact to the work of Cats Protection.  Emma clearly leads and supports on key activity and has gained a breadth of experience in a short amount of time, grabbing every opportunity she has been given."


Best Young Fundraiser

For an individual or group of children who, by their hard work, dedication and example, have made a significant difference to the charity or charities for whom they have volunteered.

Cody McManus, Cody's Xmas Toy Box 


Sadly many children wake up on Xmas morning to no gifts to open, returning to school with no stories to share.  Eight year old Cody decided to do something about this.  Organising his own charity boxing event, he trained to box eight other boxers back to back, in the hope people would donate new unwrapped toys.  Cody spread the word and begged others to care like him.

Over six weeks, Cody's dream became a reality when he filled a boxing ring with toys. Successfully completing his physical challenge Cody delivered £12,000 worth of toys to children who deserve to be happy on Christmas morning. 

What the judges said... 

"Cody used initiative to respond to a need which allowed for multiple ways to give.  He took a simple idea that ‘every child deserves a toy’ and, with significant personal commitment, drove the campaign. He is extremely altruistic to consider others, as there was not directly anything in this for him."


Best Volunteer Fundraiser

For any individual or group who has made a major contribution to fundraising, over a significant period, for one or more organisations without remuneration.

Ben Smith, Kidscape

Ben Smith

Ben Smith completed an unimaginable challenge - running a marathon every day for 401 consecutive days. After experiencing bullying as a child, leading to severe mental health problems in early adulthood, including two suicide attempts, Ben suffered a mini-stroke at the age of just 29. He took up running as part of his recovery and realised that completing an ultra-running challenge could help charities that tackle bullying and prejudice.  

Raising over £300,000 for two charities (Kidscape and Stonewall), Ben smashed his initial target of £250,000. Whilst on the road for over a year, he found time to give over 100 talks to schools about his challenge and the reasons behind it, encouraging young people to speak out and seek help. His sporting achievement is without compare and his fundraising efforts beyond anything we have ever seen before. 

What the judges said... 

"Ben clearly dedicated everything to this challenge, and it resulted in him raising a staggering amount for two charities. He has made a difference with Kidscape as he has continued to be an ambassador and has become a strong role model. Ben generated widespread media coverage and as a result others are now accessing the services of the charities he has supported."