New for 2019, this Award recognises outstanding examples of philanthropy by an individual or organisation or a team that has achieved considerable and recognisable philanthropic impact.

Entries for this Award are encouraged from trusts and foundations, philanthropy and major donor fundraising teams or individual fundraisers. Individual philanthropists can also be nominated for their philanthropic impact.

The winning entry may be for a specific philanthropic act, a relationship with a particular philanthropist or foundation, or for a campaign or initiative that works with a number of philanthropists or foundations.

When judging, the following areas will be taken into consideration, as appropriate:

  • What philanthropic act is being recognised?
  • If the entry is from a trust or foundation, what was the rationale behind the specific intervention and what has been the impact of the intervention made?
  • If entering a major donor or philanthropic campaign, how were relationship(s) developed? How were the donor(s) stewarded? What were the forecast results of the campaign verses the actual results?
  • What was the overall impact of the gift or campaign on the cause?