This new award will recognise an outstanding fundraising campaign that the judges think deserves the merit of being the best of the year.

The judges will be open to submissions that are multi-channel or discipline specific. It could, for example, be an individual giving campaign, legacy campaign, a mass participation event or focus on fundraising from a specific audience. It will clearly demonstrate excellence, creativity and innovation and closer connect supporters with beneficiaries.

  • Objectives –What were the objectives of the campaign and how it was carried out? Include details of any agency used or size of in-house resources devoted to this campaign.
  • Rationale – What medium(s) was used and why?
  • Forecasting – How was success intended to be measured? What were the positive outcomes and impact? How did it compare to budget?
  • Audience – Did the campaign target existing or a new audience. How did the campaign fit with the overall mission of the charity?
  • Innovation – To what extent was the campaign innovative or ground-breaking for the charity?