For an individual who, over a sustained period of time, has shaped the fundraising community and environment through their actions, leadership or intellect.

This award will be made to the recipient who, in the opinion of the Institute of Fundraising’s Trustee board, has made a profound and lasting contribution to the fundraising community and environment, and whose conduct and character enjoy the esteem and admiration of colleagues in the industry.

This award may not be given to a donor solely because of their philanthropy but it could be given for encouraging the philanthropy of others. The nominee may or may not be well known to the public.

The individual must have had a long, professional career in the charity sector, spanning 10 years or more.

An entry may be made by any interested party, other than the nominee themselves.

Successful entries should include:

  • A synopsis of the nominee’s career and involvement in fundraising
  • The period of time over which the contribution has been made by the nominee
  • An explanation of why their work is of a lasting nature, having an impact beyond their own immediate environment
  • A demonstration of leadership by example

Evidence of inspirational actions, thinking and/or behaviour