The Big Give - Grenfell Tower

On the morning of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, digital platform theBigGive.org.uk set up an emergency online match funding campaign to raise money for those affected. Public donations to their Grenfell Tower Appeal were doubled in real-time by a digital matching pot, generously contributed to by a network of organisations and philanthropists.

By offering a secure place for donors to give to a trusted charity working on the ground, incentivised by the promise that their donation would be doubled, the campaign attracted donations from around the world. It raised over £2.6 million for the Big Give’s local partner charity, the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation, who have been vital in providing immediate relief and longer term support to those whose lives were devastated by the fire. This result is a testament to the generosity of people eager to support those affected by the tragedy.


Cancer Research UK - Supporter Hub

An innovative, and supporter centric digital project delivering “An online solution that provides Direct Debit donors with complete control of their donations, personal details and contact with us, and shows them the ongoing impact of their support.”

Supporter insight and user preference were central to deliver technology and functionality to allow:
• Editable personal details
• See where their money goes section
• Manage donation section
It allowed supporters to have control, full transparency and choice in their regular giving, and interact with us on their terms.

Key objectives:
• Sign up & usage of site
• Supporter engagement & feelings towards CRUK
• Safe, and secure online environment

Results were above where we expected to be for traffic and usage, and the hub users felt more positive towards Cancer Research UK as a whole.


Hope and Homes - End the Silence

Hope and Homes for Children’s ‘End The Silence’ was a ground-breaking digital campaign raising awareness and money for children growing up in the silence of orphanages, without love, family or music.

One inspiring question – “What songs holds the most precious memory of your childhood?” - sparked the most innovative and creative fundraising campaign.

It secured 30 personal, short-films online from Britain’s biggest music icons (including Paul McCartney, Ed Sheeran, Elton John, Ellie Goulding, Mark Ronson, Noel Gallagher…) each sharing the song holding their most special childhood memory.

It created the world’s biggest digital musical memory vault, endthesilence.com, where the public could save and share their own music memories, placing the issue front of mind in a personal way.

The two-month campaign partnered with YouTube and UK Aid. It inspired tens of thousands of people to join, raising a remarkable £5.8m (against a target of £1.3m). All from a budget of £150k.


Scope - Mindful Monsters

Over-reliant on Face-to-Face as a channel to recruit regular donors and experiencing declining ROI, Scope needed to diversify and attract new regular givers at scale cost-efficiently. A genuinely audience-led approach was the only way to create a winning strategy. 

An audience-led regular giving product campaign provided new audiences with new reasons to engage long term. Insight drove the strategy: mums wanted to build children’s emotional resilience and life skills, and Mindful Monsters was developed. 

For £7.50 each month, supporters receive seven activity cards using monster characters to address challenges through play and creativity, plus tips and advice to maximise impact. 12 months of mindful activities to build children’s life skills and create family moments.

Using digital channels to take the product to market Scope has now recruited thousands of new highly engaged supporters at a record breaking cost. 


St Basils - Donate your Homepage

Donate your Homepage is a campaign by the youth homeless charity St Basils to encourage companies to donate their website homepage on world homeless day, so that awareness of the outstanding work of St Basils can grow. 

The campaign was designed to maximise exposure of the charity to audiences that perhaps would not have ordinarily supported what they do.  As a result, a marked increase in fundraising and awareness has been observed and this will be a campaign which they will run for years to come.

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